Capital of Brittany

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Religious architecture


Saint-Pierre Cathedrale, rue de la Monnaie

The cathedral's façade, with its superimposed architectural styles, featured either side of the emblem of the Sun King, contrasts with the Roman basilica's impressive Neoclassical decor and remarkable 15th-century Gothic gilded wooden altarpiece.


Opening times: 9:30am to 12am - 3pm to 6pm


Saint-Pierre Cathedrale

Church of Notre-Dame en Saint-Melaine, Place Saint-Melaine

All that remains of the former Benedictine abbey is the Abbot's Palace, the cloister with its elaborate sculpted decoration, and the convent church. The church bears witness to the Romanesque era alongside the tombs, statues and 19th century and contemporary stained glass windows.


Opening times: 9am to 7pm



Saint-Sauveur Basilica, Place Saint-Sauveur

Behind its 18th-century engineer-style façade, this church, so conducive to quiet contemplation, features a commemorative plaque of the 1720 fire and remarkable furniture such as a canopy, pulpit, baptismal font and organs from the 17th and 18th centuries.


Opening times: 7am to 7pm (during term time) - 8am to 7pm (during school holidays)  
Saint-Sauveur Basilica

Church of Saint-Etienne and Saint-Augustin, Place du bas des Lices

The former early 18th-century Augustine chapel features a high altar with a canopy and antependium, with marble columns, Saint-Berthevin marble side altars and a pulpit, which was a gift from a presiding judge to the Parlement of Brittany.


Opening times: during services (Saturday 6pm, Sunday 11am) 



Saint-Germain Church, Place Saint-Germain

The town's cloth merchants' church, built in the 13th century, is a clear indication of the guild's wealth and stature at that time. Both Gothic and Renaissance styles can be seen on the porches, and the stained glass windows in the two bays dating from the 16th century vie with the more contemporary creations by Max Ingrand.


Opening times: 8am to 12am - 2pm to 6:30pm  
Saint-Germain Church

Toussaints Church, Place Toussaints

This is the former chapel of the famous Jesuit college described by the writer, Chateaubriand. This 17th-century limestone building harbours three remarkable altarpieces - one in the chancel, designed in the spirit of order, and those in the transept by François II Houdault from Laval.


Opening times: 8am to 7pm


Toussaints Church

Reformed Church of France, 22 Boulevard de la Liberté

Built between 1878 and 1882 by the architect Abel Chabal (1844-1915), the building features a floral-motif polylobed rose on its façade overlooking the street. Two verses accompany the open bible: "Search the Scriptures", from John chapter 5, verse 39 and "My words shall not pass", from Matthew chapter 24, verse 35.


Church closed outside service hours.

Sainte-Thérèse Church, Rue Bigot-de-Préameneu

This church was badly damaged following a fire in September 2001 but has now been reopened to the public for services. The restoration work highlights its numerous "Art-Deco" works, such as the Odorico mosaic, Garin's paintings, Rault's stained glass windows and Bourget's sculptures.

 Sainte-Thérèse Church