Parc du Thabor à RennesParc du Thabor à RennesParc du Thabor à Rennes

The Thabor park

RDV place Saint-Melaine
Grille d'entrée du Thabor
35000 RENNES

08 91 67 35 35

The Thabor park

Enjoy strolling around one of France’s most beautiful parks. As you explore the wonders of the Thabor gardens, you’ll be drawn to the romantic, elegant atmosphere. Here even “L’Enfer” – which means “hell” in French – is a delightful open-air theatre venue. The former garden of the monks of Saint-Melaine Benedictine Abbey was redesigned by Denis Bühler, a famous 19th-century landscape artist. Spanning 10 hectares, it boasts French-style gardens, an English-style park, a cave, bandstand, aviary and an impressive rose garden featuring over 2,000 varieties!

Prices :

  • Standard rate : Starting at 7,20 €
  • reduced rate : Starting at 4,60 €
  • : Starting at 2,30 €