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Odorico and the art of mosaic

1, rue Saint-Malo
Destination Rennes Office de tourisme
35000 RENNES

08 91 67 35 35

Odorico and the art of mosaic

Discover the Italian mosaists from the end of the 19th century, who for about a century, designed mosaics all over the Grand Ouest, and espacially in Rennes : entrance décor, facade, shops’ floor. Throughout your tour you will find traces of this original and sometimes unfamiliar heritage. Whether it’s with the Opera’s arcade, the oustanding St. Georges swimming pool, the surprising Valton building facade, or the Poirier building, recently refurbished. You undoubtedly will find the Odorico family’s signature all over Brittany’s capital, whose golden age coincided with the art deco style.

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