Rennes et L’affaire Dreyfus

Parvis de la Chapelle Saint-Yves
A l'angle des rues Saint-Yves et Georges Dottin
35000 Rennes

08 91 67 35 35

Rennes et L’affaire Dreyfus

Travel back in time to relive the famous Dreyfus affair as a photojournalist pounding the pavement on the hunt for the latest scoop from Rennes, the city where the trial was held. In July 1899, Alfred Dreyfus, a Jewish captain who was wrongly convicted of treason and deported to Devil’s Island, was brought back to face a second trial in Rennes. The high profile case hit the headlines across Europe, bringing the famous faces of Parisian high society to Brittany’s capital – and it’s your job to report on the scandal! As a photojournalist, you’re looking for the latest breaking news or an exclusive snapshot of one of the key figures in the trial to make the front page of your newspaper. This role-playing activity is a great way to get to the know the city and its main monuments against a historical backdrop.

Prices :

  • Standard rate : Starting at 7,20 €
  • reduced rate : Starting at 4,60 €