Exposition Bouroullec Rennes

A guide to the exhibition in Rennes

The Bouroullec brothers in Rennes

The Bouroullec exhibition is taking place in three venues and will present the designers’ work from four thematic angles. There are also a number of surprises in store at the “Kiosque” installed in the courtyard of the Parlement of Brittany building.

At the Champs Libres

Exhibition Champs Libres in Rennes

The Anita Conti room has become a setting for urban utopia, where Erwan and Ronan Bouroullec invite visitors to reflect on the notion of public space as they browse twenty proposals for the city’s development. The exhibition includes interactive displays, preliminary design models, full-scale prototypes, videos and photographs.

The design projects showcased include creepers, torches, an airborne stream and a pavilion.

At the Brittany FRAC

Exhibiton at FRAC in Rennes

In the south gallery of the Brittany FRAC (Regional Contemporary Art Fund), the “17 Screens” exhibition reveals the Bouroullecs‘ new systems of modular partitions for the first time in France. The exhibition features screens created from separate elements made of ceramic, aluminium, glass and fabric.

The aim is to create variations in form and light, to envisage a new geometrical approach to dividing up space.

Also at the FRAC there is a retrospective tracing twenty years of collaboration between the Bouroullec studio and major furniture creators such as Vitra, Hay, Alessi, Magis, Kvadrat, Artek and Samsung. The exhibition showcases a selection of industrial projects (chairs, tables, desks, plates and jewellery), which are linked with related drawings, sketches, models, etc.

In the Parlement of Brittany building

Exhibition in Rennes

The Kiosque by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec is an independent, collapsible space composed of a steel structure with full-length windows on three sides and a door on the fourth, topped by a large roof. It was deposited by crane into the courtyard of the Parlement of Brittany building and houses the latest Palissade collection of outdoor furniture designed for Hay. The Kiosque will serve a wide variety of purposes from one day to the next: it will become an area for relaxation and reflection, a space for meetings and a venue for concerts and shows.

Key dates: “Crab Cake” with the Brittany Symphony Orchestra (26 March); “nightclub” evening as part of Museum Night (21 May); Big Love #2, etc.

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