Exposition Bouroullec Rennes

Design takes centre stage in Rennes

The Bouroullec brothers in Rennes

The event dedicated to Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec is ambitious and impressive in scale. It’s a first for Rennes and Brittany.

Turning Rennes into an experimental lab


It all began at the end of 2015 with a vibrant burst of green and pink. This was how the city and the Metropolitan District had decided to wish citizens a Happy New Year – with a little help from the Bouroullec brothers, who generously donated the design on the greetings card. This original new year’s message for 2016 served as a taster, in anticipation of the two thousand chairs and other creative masterpieces that would soon be enchanting visitors in the exhibitions due to start at the end of March.

“We were already asked three years ago, but at that time we’d just come to the end of an intensive exhibition period, taking our work from the Pompidou Centre in Metz to the MCA in Chicago. Putting on exhibitions is wonderful, but it’s not what we do for a living.” But never say never – in late March the Bouroullecc odyssey will finally begin in Rennes. “The enthusiasm of the city was contagious. The one exhibition we originally planned soon became two, three, then four.” Rather than looking back over twenty years in the profession, the Bouroullecs are planning to look to the future, turning Rennes into an experimental research laboratory. “This Rennes project involves taking a bit of a risk – Erwan and I wanted to try something new, for the benefit of the city and the region.”

Four exhibitions at three well-known venues

Bouroullec Exhibition

The series of four exhibitions is based at three venues. Visitors will be able to admire the full breadth of talent of the two designers up to the end of August. At the Champs Libres, they are invited to indulge in an “urban daydream” as they reflect on proposals for the development of the city’s spaces.

After navigating through a forest of creepers and crossing an airborne stream, they might like to head for the Brittany FRAC, where the impressive adaptability of the Bouroullec brothers will be clearly showcased. “17 Screens” features 17 systems of modular partitions that will bring down barriers…

The kiosque at the Parlement of Brittany

The kiosque at the Parlement of Brittany

After admiring the retrospective of twenty years of collaboration with prestigious creators, visitors can take some time out at the Kiosque set up in the courtyard of the Parlement of Brittany building. This small pavilion, originally designed for Emeridge, will serve a variety of purposes from one day to the next, hosting meetings, concerts and other events. It’s an original way for the Bouroullecs to come full circle and to indulge in “home sweet home” – which just about sums up the goal of all interior designers.

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