Le festival Transat en ville

Transat en Ville

Summer fun in Brittany's capital

During the summer holidays, if you are not up at the beach, come and sit on a lounger in the centre of Rennes for some cultural and musical fun. From 6 July to 28 August, the Transat en Ville festival offers a number of various concerts, events, illuminations and night-time visits of the town. You definitely won’t get bored on a summer day in Brittany’s capital. And everything is free.

Relaxing on a sun lounger

Every day from midday, in front of the town hall

Transat en ville - Rennes

“Paving the way to the beach!” The Town Hall square in Rennes turns into a relaxing beach every summer: sun loungers are made available to visitors from midday to 8pm (and until 11pm when concerts are on) in one of the city’s most beautiful squares, where the Opera faces the Town Hall. There are also board games, magazines and newspapers, to have a break and relax during your visit. Transat en Ville is somewhat like “Paris Plage”, but better.

Free tea time and musical naps

Tea is served every day between 5pm and 6pm, as per the traditional “tea time”. Teams from the Tourist Office are also available at a “Destination Rennes” stand, to inform you about the city’s cultural and artistic summer activities. Don’t miss out on the famous musical naps the first two Saturdays in July, where you can lie down, close your eyes and relax to some quiet music played by the DJs from the local Canal B radio station.

  • From midday to 8pm on mondays, tuesdays, thursdays and fridays, and from midday to 11pm on wednesdays and saturdays. Free.

Make the most of free concerts

The festival Transat en ville

Make the most of free concert

Listen to a concert, sat comfortably in a sun lounger…that’s the life! Rennes’ music scene is highlighted in July and August, thanks to a number of guest artists including “a lot of female voices, whose common trait is that their stories all lead them back to Rennes”, explains Shivedutt Rughoobur, programmer of the Transat en Ville festival.

The concerts take place in the city centre every Wednesday and Saturday evening, and go green on Thursday evening in the Thabor, Maurepas, Hautes-Ourmes, Saint-Cyr, Gayeulles, Saint-Martin and Berry parks. Transat en Ville is also home to a very special evening on 13 and 14 July with a huge ball organised for Bastille Day and fireworks let off from the Bellangerais stadium at 11.15pm. The grand finale of these summer concerts will be a tropical ball on Saturday 27 August.

  • From 6 july to 28 august, every wednesday and saturday in front of the town hall and every thursday in neighbourhood parks.

Get acquainted with breton dancing during a fest-deiz

Fest-deiz in Rennes

On Sunday 14 July, a huge Fest-Deiz is organised (a traditional “festive day” in Breton) by Skeudenn Bro Roazhon. This association organises the famous “Yaouank” (“youth” in Breton) festival every year in November.

“There will be lots of people on the dance floor! “

A festive evening, perfect for getting acquainted with the various Breton dances. “There will be lots of people on the dance floor”, warned the members of the association, who will help beginners experience a 100% Breton evening. On the agenda to complete this cultural Breton Sunday: traditional games organised by the association La Jaupitre, walks and crepe/galette tasting.

The Fest-Deiz, co-produced by the Tombées de la Nuit festival and the Skeudenn Bro Roazhon association, offers the very best modern musical formations to dance to: Plinn, Gavotte Andro, Fissel and Ridée. The perfect occasion to discover how diverse Breton culture is.

  • Sunday 14 july, in front of the town hall

Introduce your children to art and culture

Introduce your children to art and culture

Every Sunday afternoon, a younger audience is welcomed to the Thabor gardens for shows and creative workshops. Other shows and concerts for kids are scheduled in July and August in the beautiful Thabor gardens. Interactive events with songs and music, so you have loads of stories to tell when you go back to school.

  • Every sunday afternoon from 4pm, shows and events in the Thabor gardens. 

Visit the city at dusk

Visit the city at dusk
Visit the city at dusk

To bridge the gap between the concerts and the illuminations at the Parliament of Brittany, Destination Rennes offers free guided tours of the city on certain concert evenings. An original way to discover the city centre’s hidden treasures in a new light, just before nightfall in Brittany’s capital. The walk will lead visitors to the Parliament so they can watch the “Lumières” show and its colourful projections.

  • “Rennes by night” visits, every saturday and wednesday after the concert. Further information is available from the tourist office.

Watch the Parliament light up

The Parliament Illuminations

“Cities are so beautiful at night” … Especially the Parliament of Brittany when it lights up on summer nights. The magical “Lumières” show is the last event of the day for the Transat en Ville festival. In Brittany, summer nights are very long – much longer than in other places – and the illumination show makes the most of this time to highlight the architecture of the town’s most iconic monument.

  • Every night at 11pm, from 8 july to 7 august and at 10.30pm from 8 to 21 august.
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