Ludivine Cardon

Ludivine Cardon

Rennes, student city par excellence !

Rennes is among the first university towns in France. It is also given as THE quintessential student town. Ludivine Cardon naturally embodies this major facet of the Breton capital.

Sports and music at will

Ludivine Cardon

Ludivine’s slim figure does little to show that she is an accomplished sportswoman. Rapidly however, we grasp that the young woman is quite bubbly. A fiery temperament twinkles from that head of bright red hair and deep from her pretty sparkling green eyes. A native of Picardy, Ludivine passed the entrance examination for Rennes Ecole Supérieure de Commerce (ESC) four years ago. She has since been adopted by Brittany, she knows how to benefit from all the sports and musical delights of the city. There is also the proximity to the sea.

The very definition of a student city

I chose the ESC Rennes for its great reputation and the quality of the education. After you pass the entrance test, current students show you the city. I loved the atmosphere, the city charmed me instantly. It is the very definition of a student city! I have not been disappointed returning to live here. Students welcome the newcomers, people are very open. As in the North of France, there is a natural sort of friendliness in Brittany. I am like a fish in water! I immediately wanted to get involved in the associations of the ESC. I am now part of the IRO, the association of extreme sports and atypical activities (paint ball, skiing, street art and more) and Saut du Cœur (leaping heart): every spring, we set up a bungee jumping crane. The money raised goes to Sidaction, working in the battle against aids.

The Gayeulles, the green heart of Rennes


In terms of sports facilities, activities and relaxation Gayeulles Park is the best place! The range of activities is huge: swimming, skating, tennis, shooting, archery, rugby and football stadiums, tree climbing; there are also picnic and barbecue areas, children’s games, ponds, a farm with animals, sports courses, trails through the woods. The Gayeulles is the green heart of Rennes! It is huge (one hundred hectares), I have still not managed to see it all! I go there regularly to run and I never take the same route as there are so many possibilities. It means I can really disconnect, totally escape: in the countryside yet close to the city !

The seaside just one hour from the city

Ludivine Cardon

I had never done water sports before coming here. But it is unthinkable to be here and not to take advantage of the proximity to the coast! Saint-Malo is less than an hour away. There, I go surfing and wake boarding. Others go kite surfing or yachting. When I go to St. Malo, I always visit the city and the ramparts with a break at the Corps de Chasse, a creperie with panoramic views of the sea and islands. I also go wake boarding at the Rincerie, thirty minutes south west of Rennes; there is an artificial lake with a water ski cable way and jumps.

One musical discovery every week

Ludivine Cardon

I also love Rennes for all the places where you can listen to music of all types! Rennes is active, much like everywhere in Brittany, the region where there are the most festivals. I especially like the Rock’n Solex, organised by INSA and the oldest student festival.

The ESC Decibel association organises the CAC (Concert Against Cancer) in November, and all proceeds are donated to the fight against cancer. Each week, one can also discover new bands at the UBU, there is an opera for amateurs and one must admit that the Liberté has quite a capacity (5000 seats): it is very rare to have such a venue in a town centre.

And of course, I love the Transmusicales! It was where I personally discovered Fakear and Joris de la Croix. Let’s not forget the Bars en Trans, this giant music festival that lasts an entire week!

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