The Parliament Illuminations

The Parliament Illuminations

Travel through light with this summer show

As night falls, the Parliament comes to life. Night projections, a must-see summer event taking place between 7h July and 1st of september.

A visual and acoustic experience

The projections on the Brittany's parliement

The projections created by Spectaculaires – Allumeurs d’Images present the Breton capital’s iconic landmark in all its glory. The show, organised by Rennes Métropole and the city of Rennes as part of the Transat en ville event, uses the building as giant screen. Spectators are bathed in light from all angles, plunging them into a world of fantasy. It tells the story of an assembly for light experts from different cultures. The show lasts around 17 minutes and is suitable for all ages.

  • Every day from Saturday 7th July to 1st of September, Place du Parlement de Bretagne : at 11pm from 1ST July to 5 August and 10.30pm from 6 august to 1st september. Free of charge.

Breton expertise on show

En exhibition on the Parliament's place
© Destination Rennes / Julien Mignot

“Attention au départ”  also reflects Brittany’s expertise when it comes to high technology. Based on video mapping, the show plays with each architectural detail of the buildings’ façades. The company, Spectaculaires – Allumeurs d’Images, is well established in their field. Founded in 1987, it combines craftsmanship, art and cutting-edge technology, operating like a troupe. The sound and light are diffused by discreet free-standing beacons. These house the 30,000, 20,000 and 18,000 lumen HD video-projectors as well as speakers that give the sound a spatial effect.

Everything is linked up via fibre optic allowing it to be remote controlled in full HD. Spectaculaires invests heavily in research and development and also participates in collaborative projects related to tourism and heritage. Its expertise has been sought beyond Breton shores, for shows in Switzerland and Belgium as well as Italy, where it illuminated the façades of the Villa Medici in Rome for its 350th anniversary.

Discover the city’s heritage in a new light

The projections created by Spectaculaires
© Destination Rennes / Julien Mignot

The show allows visitors to discover the city’s heritage another way, notably the Parliament, Brittany’s most distinctive symbol, which, to this day, houses the regional court of appeal. In addition to the guided tours of the building provided by the Tourist Information Centre, night tours of the city invite tourists to watch the show at the end of their tour of the centre. At nightfall, this production shows the city of Rennes in another light. It’s the perfect way to end a beautiful summer’s day in Brittany’s capital, and make you want to come back !

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