Breton specialties revisited


Where's best for crêpes and galettes in Rennes?

No trip to Rennes is complete without a yummy stop-off in a crêperie. Here’s our list of the best places to try local specialities in Brittany’s culinary capital. Whether you like your crêpes and galettes traditional or with a twist, get ready to tuck in and soak up the atmosphere.

Rennes’ top seven must-try crêperies

There are over 35 different crêperies in Rennes: here’s our guide to the old town’s very best.

Contemporary crepes: la Saint-Georges

One of Rennes’ most renowned crêperies is the Saint-Georges, with two different restaurants and a contemporary approach to the Breton speciality. The super-stylish décor is a far cry from the traditional crêperie vibe, and the galettes are all named after famous Georges (Lucas, Brassens, Pompidou and Perec) – well worth a visit.

  • Crêperie La Saint-Georges, 11 rue du Chapitre and 17 rue Jules Simon in Rennes. Tel.: +33(0)299388704 

Original crepes: Ar Pillig

The Ar Pillig crêperie serves up crêpes and galettes made with organic ingredients in a highly original setting with a Seiz Breur feel. This Breton movement (1920s to 1940s) is a unique take on the Art Déco style, inspired in this case by Celtic legend and the legendary King Arthur.

  • Ar Pillig, 10 rue d’Argentré in Rennes. Tel.: +33(0)223629822

Historical crepes: La Motte Picquet

Just opposite the cathedral, the La Motte Picquet crêperie (20 rue de la Monnaie) is ideally located in the old town, at the corner of the street leading to the Portes Mordelaises. Expect incredible galettes and a huge choice of ciders (around a dozen). Undoubtedly one of the oldest crêperies in Rennes, in an authentic Rennes house with exposed beams and fireplaces.

  • Crêperie La Motte-Picquet, 20 Rue de la Monnaie. Tel.: +33(0)299303918

Crepes in the sun: La Rozell

Just around the corner from the Place Sainte-Anne, the La Rozell crêperie is another eatery in a traditional setting, featuring Rennes’ characteristic architecture in a pretty half-timbered house. Walk up the stone steps, push open the door and venture in. Beyond the dining room is a large courtyard terrace, tucked away in peace and quiet where you can bask in the sunshine while tucking into the house’s specialities, washed down with organic Breton beer and cider.

  • Crêperie La Rozell, 14 Rue Penhoët. Tel.: +33(0)299782001

Crepes in the centre: la Crêperie Paysanne

Right on the famous Place Sainte-Anne, just outside the underground station of the same name, the Crêperie Paysanne is easy to get to and has a lovely terrace where you can eat in the shade or sun – whichever you prefer. The chefs serve up delicious organic food sourced from local farmers, and the restaurant is open until fairly late. Handy if you’re feeling peckish on a night out.

  • Crêperie paysanne, 6 Place Sainte-Anne. Tel.: +33(0)299790143

Surprising crepes: Ouzh Taol

On the cobbled street leading down to the gorgeous Parc du Thabor, the Ouzh Taol crêperie is an astonishing explosion of colour and design ideas, and home to a wonderful menu of original, galette-inspired amuse-bouches. The restaurant is small so booking is advised if you want to sample a menu that keeps you guessing until the very end. The small terrace on the pedestrian-only street is pure joy on a summer’s evening.

  • Crêperie Ouzh Taol, 27 rue Saint-Melaine. Tel.: +33(0)299633633

Lavish crepes: La Maison de Joséphine

On the same street is the Maison de Joséphine, a small, cosy crêperie and a regular recipient of the Jury du Festival Gourmand culinary award. A charming little eatery with a small terrace on a quiet street – perfect for dates, family meals or nights out with friends.

  • La Maison de Joséphine, 40 rue Saint-Melaine. Tel.: +33(0)299388187

A crash course in crêpes and galettes

What’s the difference between a crêpe and a galette and wheat flour and buckwheat? Should you order your egg scrambled or fried? Locals know their crêpes inside-out, but visitors may need a little helping hand when it comes to understanding the nuances of Brittany’s culinary jargon. We’ve put together a little dictionary to get you ordering your galettes like a real Breton local.

Crêpes and galettes in Rennes
© Destination Rennes / Julien Mignot


Crêpes are sweet and made from wheat flour. Classic staples to try in Brittany: butter and sugar, honey and lemon, scattered with strawberries and apples, drenched in salted caramel, or a flambéed variety.


Galettes are savoury and made from two different types of buckwheat flour (gluten-free), which can result in variations in the exact shade of the batter. In their simplest form, galettes are served with egg, cheese, ham or bacon, but other ingredients can be added into the mix to keep things interesting: mushrooms, andouillette sausage, salmon, goat’s cheese, regional produce – pretty much anything that tastes good. Each crêperie has its own specialities, which means there’s always something to get your mouth watering.

La complète

A ‘galette complète’ is the standard classic galette you’ll find in all crêperies, topped with the holy trinity of egg, cheese and ham. Galette newbies should start with a complète.

The egg dilemma: brouillé or miroir?

You may be asked how you want the egg on your galette to be cooked: “brouillé” means scrambled in with the other ingredients, while “miroir” means fried and placed in the middle of your galette, trembling in all its glory. It’s your call!

Le billig

In Brittany, the billig is the round, cast-iron griddle (at least 33cm across) used to cook crêpes and galettes. Once the billig has been greased (‘culotté’ in local speak), the crêpes and galettes don’t catch on the metal.

Mugs of cider

Cider is measured out in units of traditional mugs (the most common design being the iconic traditional mug with a red band). But the mugs can also be used for buttermilk, chouchen or coffee. Cider is one of Brittany’s specialities, and something you absolutely have to try before you leave. Made from fermented apple juice, cider can be sweet (between 1.5 and 3 degrees), demi-sec (around 4 degrees) or dry (up to 5 degrees). The sweeter the cider the fruitier it will be, whereas dry cider is less sweet. If you want to raise a glass, in Brittany try saying “yecʼhed mat” (“cheers!”).

Le rozell

A rozell is a traditional wooden rake (generally made from beech or boxwood) used to spread the batter evenly over the billig for the ultimate flawless crêpe or galette. The right technique is down to hours of intensive practice and training. It’s an art form in its own right, taught at Rennes’ master crêpier college at the Centre Culinaire Contemporain. Part of honing your crêpe-making technique involves “eating a kilo”: making a hundred crêpes on the billig…

The best place to grab a sausage galette in Rennes

The classic sausage galette has a special place in the hearts of Rennes locals. A symbol of the Breton capital, this unmissable speciality is central to the Rennes experience. Here are our picks of the best sausage galette stands in the city.

Stand de galette-saucisse au marché des Lices
© Destination Rennes / Bruno Mazodier

Saturday morning at the Marché des Lices

On Saturday morning, head to the Marché des Lices market between the two covered markets. Prepare to wait it out – queues can sometimes be long. Locals also like finishing a night off with a sausage galette at the market as the sun rises.

Weekends around Roazhon Park

At Roazhon Park on match nights, sausage galettes are part of the atmosphere around the stadium. 

In town the rest of the week

Throughout the week, town is packed full of eateries ready to satisfy your sausage galette cravings. If you’re in the mood and there’s no match or market happening, don’t panic. Head to Sarrasin et compagnie (Esplanade Charles de Gaulle just as you exit the underground) or the Halles Centrales at BioCrêp where you can grab crêpes and galettes to go.
At the Place de la Mairie, you can also try the speciality at Roazhon Opera (under the opera’s arcades), including on Sundays – this crêperie is open non-stop every day. (See addresses in the list of crêperies above).

During festivals and at markets… sausage galettes are at every turn

Whenever there’s an event or festival on, whatever neighbourhood you’re in and every market day, there’s always a sausage galette stand around. Just follow your nose. In Rennes, there’s never a wrong time for a galette.

The best crêperies in town 

Maison de Joséphine - Rennes
Maison de Joséphine © Destination Rennes / Bruno Mazodier
  • La Maison de Joséphine, (photo ci-dessus), 40 rue Saint-Melaine à Rennes. Tel : 0299388187
  • Oeuf la crêperie (On est une famille), 38 rue de Saint-Malo à Rennes. Téléphone : 0982477225 
  • Crêperie les Bêtises, 25 rue Saint-Melaine à Rennes. Tél : 0299387511
  • Crêperie du Pont-Levis, 6 rue des Portes Mordelaises. Tél : 0290016867 
  • Coffee Crêpes, 16 rue de la Visitation à Rennes. Tel : 0223202695
  • Crêperie Colibri, 32 rue de la Visitation à Rennes. Tel : 0223060352
  • A l’Affiche, 1 Boulevard de la Liberté à Rennes. Tel : 0299350873
  • Au jardin des saveurs, 52 rue de Vern à Rennes. Tel : 0223629822
  • Au Marché des Lices, 3 Place du bas des Lices à Rennes. Tel : 0299304295
  • Crêperie du Boulevard, 5 Boulevard Beaumont à Rennes. Tel : 0299314285
  • Crêperie Goût et gourmandise, 5 Place du Bas des Lices à Rennes. Tel : 0299350190
  • Crêperie La Gavotte, 41 rue Saint-Georges à Rennes. Tel : 0299362938
  • Crêperie La harpe noire, 13 place du Champ-Jacquet à Rennes. Tel : 0299791529
  • Crêperie La mère Madeleine, 33 rue Saint-Georges à Rennes. Tel : 0299872727
  • Crêperie La Motte-Picquet, 20 Rue de la Monnaie à Rennes. Tel : 0299303918 
  • Crêperie La Rozell, 14 Rue Penhoët à Rennes. Tel : 0299782001 
  • Crêperie La Saint-Georges, 11 rue du Chapitre et 17 rue Jules Simon à Rennes. Tel : 0299388704
  • Crêperie la Sarrasine, 30 rue Saint-Georges à Rennes. Tel : 0299388754
  • La ville d’Ys, 5 rue Saint-Georges à Rennes. Tel : 0299364028
  • Crêperie L’abri du marché, 12 Places des Lices à Rennes. Tel : 0299797387
  • Crêperie Le Kerlouan, 17 rue Saint-Georges à Rennes. Tel : 0299368302
  • Crêperie L’Epi de blé, 12 Place de la Gare à Rennes. Tel : 0223421394 
  • Crêperie Les Piplettes, 43 rue Vasselot à Rennes. Tel : 0299795261
  • Crêperie Ouzh Taol, 27 rue Saint-Melaine à Rennes. Tel : 0299633633
  • Crêperie paysanne, 6 Place Sainte-Anne à Rennes. Tel : 0299790143
  • Crêperie Saint-Cornely, 53 Boulevard de la Liberté à Rennes. Tel : 0299306121
  • Crêperie Sainte-Anne, 5 Place Sainte-Anne à Rennes. Tel : 0299792272
  • Crêperie Saint-Melaine, 13 rue Saint-Melaine à Rennes. Tel : 0299387206
  • Crêperie Un Air de famille, 3 rue du Vau Saint-Germain à Rennes. 
  • Crêperie Une affaire de goût, 2 rue des Vieux Ponts à Rennes. 
  • Ker Soazig, 5 Cours des Alliés à Rennes. Tel : 0299358220 
  • L’Instant Crêperie, 31 rue Saint-Georges à Rennes. Tel : 0299367102
  • Roazhon Opera, Galerie du théâtre 12 rue de Brilhac à Rennes. Tel : 0299539430
  • Sarrasin et compagnie, Esplanade Charles de Gaulle à Rennes. Tel : 0223458725
  • BioCrêp (vente à emporter), Les Halles Centrales, Boulevard de la Liberté à Rennes. 

Around Rennes

  • Crêperie Le Triskell, 15 rue François Chapin à Noyal-Châtillon-sur-Seiche. Tel : 0299051022
  • Crêperie La gourmandise, 296 Rue de Nantes à Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande. Tel : 0299313144
  • Crêperie La Fromentière, 15 Cours De La Vilaine à Cesson-Sévigné. Tel : 0299833312 
  • Crêperie du marché, rue de l’église à Saint-Grégoire. Tel : 0299231042 
  • Crêperie Miss Bigoudène, ZI Nord rue de l’étang à Saint-Grégoire. Tel : 0223483001
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