La Brasserie la Choep existe depuis plus de 85 ans

The finest brasseries in Rennes

17 locations that capture the brasserie tradition at its finest

The location, comfortable benches, all-day service, a large choice of à la carte dishes and a pleasant ambiance – this is the recipe for a French-style brasserie. It is a tradition that is well rooted in Rennes, where lots of brasseries have opened their doors.


On Place de Bretagne, Bèje is a chic brasserie with an immaculate art deco-style interior. Around the bar, the main item in the huge room, gold, burgundy and brown tones are used tastefully around the cosy benches. Mosaics are also a key feature in the decor. On the menu, the dishes are in keeping in with the “classics” of brasserie cuisine (burgers, croque-monsieur sandwiches, Angus beef, salmon fillet, Caesar salad, etc.) but with a sophisticated twist. As a bonus, there are also vegetarian and vegan alternatives for both starters and mains, depending on the chef’s inspiration. It is a reliable option for fans of brasseries.

  • Bèje, Place de Bretagne, 2 boulevard de la Tour d’Auvergne. Phone: +33 (0)2 99 35 35 53. 


More than just a brasserie, this is a sports bar that is the ideal location for following major competitions on big screens and having a good time together. Le BDS, which stands for “bar des sports” (French for “sports bar”), opened in partnership with a famous Stade Rennais player and does not depart from brasserie tradition: comfort, generous dishes and ambiance (relaxed in the afternoon, more vibrant in the evening and on weekends). Its central location (also with two new addresses in Vern-sur-Seiche and soon in Pacé) is perfect for meeting friends after matches.

Le Bénédicte

It’s not for nothing that Le Bénédicte takes its name from a famous specialty in French cuisine: eggs Benedict. All the brasserie mainstays have been updated here with taste and simplicity in a Parisian-style setting that is simultaneously both classic and modern. There are several spaces to choose from: close to the bar, in the room with a view over the iconic Saint-Germain church or simply on the terrace to enjoy the setting. The ambiance is always welcoming here. Rennes’ Saint-Germain-des-Prés district has no lack of charm and Le Bénédicte quickly pulls in crowds of locals. It never gets boring here!

  • Le Bénédicte, 3 Place Saint-Germain. Phone: +33 (0)2 23 30 45 87.

Le Big Bazar

There are several good reasons to head to Le Big Bazar for a night out after work: at the centre of the historic centre, it has been an authentic “evening brasserie” with its brass bar and its decor for more than 50 years, nestled in the courtyard of the former Saint-Michel prison. It would be difficult to be more exclusive and central, just a few metres from Place Sainte-Anne and the Couvent des Jacobins. A cosy brasserie and restaurant that welcomes its guests late in the evening; booking is recommended!

Le Café de la Paix

Located under the arcades of the Palais du Commerce, opposite République metro station, Le Café de la Paix could not be any more central. This is an iconic brasserie in Rennes with immaculate decor and a relaxed atmosphere. It is a restaurant for foodies that will delight with a large choice of burgers, seafood platters, meat and fish. Don’t miss out on the crêpes and ice creams for dessert to make the meal last a little longer.

  • Brasserie de la Paix, 1 Place de la République. Phone: +33 (0)2 99 79 47 11

Le Café Noir

Just a stone’s throw from the train station, Le Café Noir is a reference point for the people of Rennes: all-day service, including late in the evening, the whiskey and wine selections and the modern decor have made this spot a local institution since it opened in 1984. It is one of the few places in Rennes where you can order until midnight on certain evenings and is very close to the main hotels in the station district.

Le Café de Rennes

Located opposite the TGV train station, Le Café de Rennes is the meeting place for sports fans. Welcome to a pleasant sports bar that exudes its passion for sports in its decor, where renowned athletes are honoured in large photos above the comfy leather benches. Choose to wait for your train or to meet up with friends here – time flies when you’re having fun! A bonus is the terrace, which is well placed for a view over the new TGV train station.

Cooking Pot

Cooking Pot, a large and bright brasserie in Long Champs shopping centre, offers homemade cooking and regular events (after-work events and themed parties). It is a short distance from the city centre, close to the parc des Gayeulles and the camping site, and also has a large, tree-lined terrace that is ideal for having a pleasant time outside.

La Chope

La Chope is more than an institution, it is a monument to brasseries. The 1930s-style establishment has been popular among artists and celebrities passing through Brittany for more than 85 years. It is a legendary spot that recently underwent a beautiful renovation in keeping with the traditional and welcoming style of the large Parisian brasseries that inspired its creation in 1936, such as Lipp and Le Procope. In terms of food, enjoy the menus at prices that are affordable and far removed from those in the capital.

La Dalle

Located on Colombier esplanade and opposite Colombia shopping centre, just two steps from the train station, the brasserie is full every afternoon, so booking is recommended. With its all-day service and traditional fare, this establishment cultivates an authentic brasserie spirit (open-faced sandwiches, main courses, vegetarian options, burgers, pizzas, etc.), with some welcome distinctive items, such as the English breakfast and the brunch set menu. It is an excellent option for those who are starting to dalle-y after a long day shopping.

La Parisienne

As its name suggests, La Parisienne is also inspired by the traditions of French-style brasserie. It offers a traditional menu (foie gras, devilled eggs, beef cheek and roast bass, etc.). Behind the large bay windows and under the canopies that look onto Place de Bretagne, don’t forget to also try the aged cheeses and the desserts of the day. An honourable mention goes to the sharing starters, which are a pleasant note to start the night on, and all just a stone’s throw from the historic centre.

Le Pavillon

This brasserie sits at the very heart of the pedestrian zone in the historic centre, with its terrace that is partly shaded by a magnificent ginkgo biloba tree: presenting Le Pavillon with its contemporary and lounge decor. On its two floors and on the terrace, whether it’s evening or afternoon, you have a choice of ambiance on place Saint-Michel, which is full of students. A menu of authentic brasserie specialties awaits for a lunch on the go, an aperitif between colleagues or a gourmet dinner.

  • Le Pavillon, 7 Place Saint-Michel. Phone: +33 (0)2 99 78 22 22. 

Le Piccadilly

“Le Picca” is Rennes’ legendary brasserie. With an inimitable style that has recently been modernised, its various rooms and private spaces offer innumerable spots from which to choose. Start with the terrace and the arcades in the opera house, which provide an unobstructed view over the city’s most beautiful setting: place de la Mairie. It is a lively location that is chic, bohemian, steeped in history and the place to go at any time of day or night for a coffee, an afternoon tea, a cocktail, lunch, dinner or an after-work drink.

Le Royal

Open all day from Monday to Sunday, Le Royal brasserie offers a variety of set menus for every time of day, both during the week and the weekend: breakfast is from 8 a.m., followed by lunch, dinner and the traditional Sunday brunch. Located at the heart of the city centre, it is named for the Le Royal cinema from the 1930s. It is the perfect place to take a break on a shady terrace before visiting the architectural treasures of the Breton capital.

Le Surcouf

Le Surcouf is the Breton brasserie par excellence. As a signatory of the Destination Rennes eco-responsible charter, it offers local and high-quality products 24/7. It is a maritime-style location that is part of the network of establishments on Place de la Gare. Although it is opposite the train station, you could almost believe that you were at the seaside in the corsair city.

La Taverne

Rennes’ largest brasserie is open 24/7 at the heart of the EuroRennes district, close to the train station, Champs Libres and the Colombia shopping centre. The menu includes all the specialties expected of a large brasserie (burgers, stir fries, seafood and a large choice of choucroute garnie dishes). This generous cooking is presented in a modern setting inspired by the 1930s.

Les 3 brasseurs

A unique concept originally from Lille that has been exported to Brittany. Both a restaurant and a microbrewery, the beers are crafted on site and sold straight from the producer to the consumer. It’s hard to be any more direct than that! On the brasserie side, the huge spaces welcome guests every day to come and have a pleasant time together away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre on the way to the beaches.

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