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Michelin-starred restaurants

Michelin-starred restaurants in Rennes

Rennes is the city with the most Michelin-starred restaurants in Brittany. Local chefs harmonise gastronomic traditions with new trends by showcasing regional products to offer you unique culinary experiences. An overview of Rennes’ Michelin-starred restaurants.

With three Michelin-starred restaurants, Rennes is the gastronomic capital of a food-loving region where products from both the ocean and land are delights for foodies. Chefs in Rennes do not have to go very far for their dishes and menus: they get their supplies of seafood, fish and shellfish directly from local markets or short food supply chains used by greenbelt producers of poultry, fruits and vegetables, spices and more.

A cuisine inspired by local products and travelling

The menus at the finest restaurants live and breathe in rhythm with seasonal products and continuously revisit local specialties, often with a little something extra. Bretons are traditionally travellers and Michelin-starred chefs are no exception to the rule. Before coming (back) to Rennes to settle down, they often travelled around and earned their stripes in the most prestigious establishments in the culinary world. This is an experience and a source of inspiration for responsible approaches and cuisine that is staunchly creative, awarded two Michelin Green Stars.

Holen, IMA, Racines – 3 stars for gourmet Rennes

Each chef has their own process and style: Virginie Giboire and her restaurant Racines picked up a first star in 2019 with a menu that largely focussed on seafood in a setting with new, magnificent decor. Julien Lemarié from IMA (the name means “now” in Japanese) is also keen on open-plan kitchens. With a history of pushing the boundaries of gastronomy, patrons can see the chef and his team at work, in a spirit of transparency and sharing. The culinary experience is also a performance and a moment of exchange.

At Holen, the latest Michelin-starred restaurant in Rennes, another concept is at work, based around the Danish philosophy of “hygge” that prioritises simple values of well-being and conviviality. It is an inspiration that chef Tugdual Debethune nurtured for a long time before opening his own restaurant in 2018.

In Rennes’ Michelin-starred restaurants, there is no lack of ambiance to ensure that you feel “at home” when trying these exceptional dishes. Book your table now!

Rennes’ 3 Michelin-starred restaurants

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