Rennes, gastronome

Rennes tables are as popular as they are diverse. As worthy Breton capital, Rennes eats fish and crepes, but not only.

The great tables

La fontaine aux perles
© La fontaine aux perles

Rennes gastronomy is interesting both for the quality of the cuisine of its chefs and for its opulence. Here we take a look at the gastronomic restaurants and bistrots, unearth the creperies and world cuisine, and identify the trend of food trucks towards fast good…

Rennes is a place of wonderful gastronomy. The reputation of its great chefs attests. They are chefs of character who ply their trade and casseroles well before coming or returning here to celebrate regional products. David Etcheverry, Sylvain Guillemot, Julien Lemarié, Rachel Gesbert at the Fontaine aux Perles, Pierre Legrand: five big names that rhyme with excellent Rennes gastronomy.

Wine Bistros

Restaurant "Chez Paul" in Rennes
Restaurant “Chez Paul” in Rennes © Destination Rennes / Bruno Mazodier

Delicious market cuisine, boldly cooked seasonal produce, blackboard menus that change according to arrivals and the colours of the stalls, fine selections of the best wines; these are the characteristics of bistrots such as the l’Arsouille, Le Tire Bouchon, Un midi dans les vignes, Le Cour des Lices, Chez Paul and La Tonnelle à vins.

A trend

Restaurant "Le Mabilay" in Rennes

Rennes is not immune to fashion and has its own modern addresses like the Mabilay coffee shop and restaurant and l’incroyable jardin at the foot of one of the most amazing buildings in the city. Roam the city in search of one of its food trucks, serving the good old sandwich lunch revisited such as Cook Cook, Le Camion à Croquer and Le Gourmet Vagabond.

Fast Good

Restaurant "Thé au Fourneau" in Rennes
© Destination Rennes / Bruno Mazodier

For those who prefer sitting down for a taste of homemade, local and friendly as announced by the Kitchenette, one of the fast good institutions in Rennes, there is plenty of choice. Charming places where one eats well: Pique Prune, Petite Nature, Thé au Fourneau, Café Albertine and others.

Brasseries and creperies

Contemporary crepes: la Saint-Georges
Contemporary crepes: la Saint-Georges © Destination Rennes / Bruno Mazodier

Lovers of good beer are satiated at the Galopin, Reserve, and the Cafe de la Paix. And to enjoy great galettes and crepes head to the St. Georges creperie (rue du Chapitre and rue Jules Simon), reference in its speciality, or even the Ar Pillig and Ker Soazig.

The world by foot

Restaurant Le Fuji à Rennes

The world has come to Rennes: Pizza Angello, Fuji, Al Saj, Chez Meh, and Rennes inhabitants, tireless travelers that they are, savour this delicious world of cuisine!

Bistrology, a long Rennes tradition

Restaurent "Tire-Bouchon" in Rennes

23 years ago, the sommelier Christophe Boisselier opened a nice bistro, le Tire-Bouchon. On the menu: great local products and natural wines. Rennes bistrology was born. Today it is eagerly supported by an association called Les Ateliers du Bistrot.L’Arsouille, Chez Paul, Un Midi dans les Vignes and many others, such as the Histoires de Vins Wine cellar and travelling sommelier, Aurélie Denais, create events to share their love of good food and fine wines. A merry band of enthusiasts who enjoy the quality of Rennes markets to fill their stores and to delight gourmands.

The galette and the crepe, culinary heritage

Sausage crepe: the Gallo country speciality
© Destination Rennes / Bruno Mazodier

At the markets, festivals, at the entrance of Roazhon Park on match days, galettes and crepes attend all festivities. To eat in or take away, this Breton culinary tradition is also savoured in the numerous creperies spread out over the four corners of the city.

Flour, water, salt, the composition is fairly basic, yet the sleight of hand is an art. The flavour of the base also depends on the time it rests, at least 4 hours. Also, before biting into those golden nuggets, know that there are some intricacies at play here in Haute-Bretagne, or Gallo country, when one speaks of buckwheat, it is not just any buckwheat.

Rennes stars

Restaurant Le Saison in Rennes
© Restaurant Le Saison / Guillaume Scoazec

Between 4 they have 5. That is Four chefs for five stars. Sylvain Guillemot, commanding the stoves at L’Auberge du Pont d’Acigné in Noyal-Sur-Vilaine, proudly displays 2 stars. A former student of Alain Passard, he returned to take over an unpretentious inn which he hoisted to the summit of great gastronomy with his creative cooking respectful of the products used.

David Etcheverry runs Le Saison in Saint-Grégoire, named after the river that runs through his native Basque Country. He makes his star shines with a modern, elegant cuisine truly caring for the produce.

The Breton, Julien Lemarié conducts at Lecoq Gadby’s La Coquerie in Rennes to hold up its 1 star. Former chief with Yannick Alléno, he creates dishes inspired in particular by his love for Asia.

Yesterday at the helm of Lecoq Gadby, Pierre Legrand is now the chef at the Aozeñ. This master of wine pairing had his ecological cuisine crowned with a star.

  • Auberge du pont d’Acigné, le Pont d’Acigné, 35530 Noyal-sur-Vilaine 0299625255
  • Le saison, 1 impasse du Vieux Bourg, 35760 Saint-Grégoire, 0299687935
  • Ima, 20 boulevard de la Tour d’Auvergne 35000 Rennes, 0223478274
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