Sausage crepe: the Gallo country speciality

Sausage galette

A hot dog, Rennes style

When you begin to smell these promising aromas wafting from the markets, festivals, and around football stadiums – including the Roazhon Park – when they come to tease your nostrils, then there is no doubt, that you must be close to a sausage galette stand or a truck.

Breton tradition

Before sinking your teeth into this tasty snack, a favourite of the Bretons and especially the people of Rennes, you must first master a few basics. So, the buckwheat galette should be allowed to cool (or to be warm) and the sausage should be made of pork and grilled. If these two criteria are not met, then it is a counterfeit! Of course, one uses no fork or knife, a sausage galette is eaten by hand. Sometimes, one can add onions but, whatever you do, never request any industrial type of sauce: mustard, mayonnaise or ketchup; this is considered a sacrilege!

Breton Sausage Galette

This Upper Brittany tradition dates from the late nineteenth century and combines two gastronomic emblems of the region; buckwheat and pork. Since, it has spread throughout the region. A veritable Breton hot dog, the sausage galette even has its own preservation association, the SGSB: Save the Breton Sausage Galette. Visiting Rennes without tasting the sausage galette is like going to Paris and avoiding the Eiffel Tower!

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