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Weekend brunch

The best places for brunch in Rennes

The capital of Brittany is a gourmet destination. On Sundays, brunch enthusiasts can choose from a variety of eateries after a fun-filled weekend. Here is a whistle-stop tour of the must-visit spots for brunch with friends, family and partners, for all budgets and all appetites.

Brunches for everyone

Brunch au Klub
Brunch au Klub © Destination Rennes / Stéphanie Priou

Brunch is not just a trend in Paris and other capitals of Europe. In Rennes, the options for brunch are increasingly varied. Between “classic” brunches at noon on Sunday, all-you-can-eat brunches, girly brunches or organic brunches, brunches before visiting a museum, brunches to enjoy on a terrace or in trendy new spots and even on a Saturday or any other day of the week, there is something for everyone. There is even a blog that specialises in the brunches of Rennes. Its name encapsulates the enthusiasm for this culinary phenomenon: “Tout Rennes Brunch”. The blog is written by Alice, a young resident of Rennes, who updates it after trying out each new destination. But where does the term “brunch” actually come from?

 A gastronomic sum : breakfast + lunch = brunch

“Brunch is a contraction of breakfast and lunch. When you get up late on Sunday, you mix the two meals by eating between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m., so it’s really a weekend lunch, accompanied by a fresh orange juice, a tea or a coffee” explains Alice. This portmanteau refers to a generous two-in-one meal that can be either sweet or savoury, or even both. Imported from the United States, the concept has been spreading since the 1980s to other cities in France, like elsewhere.

Rennes has not escaped the trend and many hotels, bars and restaurants now offer brunches at a range of prices. “The average budget for a good brunch is around €20-€22” clarifies the founder of the Tout Rennes Brunch website. “In Rennes, they are very popular and it’s best to book in advance”. So, you have been warned: to brunch in Rennes, a minimal level of organising is required. Take a look at our selection of great options and spend a weekend at brunch.

Where to have brunch before visiting a museum?

Le klub, next to the musée des beaux-arts (museum of fine arts)

Brunch au Klub
© Destination Rennes / Stéphanie Priou

There is a jazzy and relaxed atmosphere to this café and tearoom which is located on the quayside and right next to the Musée des Beaux-Arts. Every Sunday, an all-inclusive (€24.50) set brunch menu is on offer with both sweet and savoury options. Everything is made fresh in their kitchen, the eggs are organic and the presentation on the plate is immaculate. There are tantalizing nods to American-style brunches with mimosas and English cooked breakfasts with baked beans. However, aside from these staples, the brunch at Le Klub changes weekly. Another good reason for going is to sink into the comfy velvet sofas, relax in the little private lounge or in the bar with its large bright bay windows that look out onto the buildings along the quayside. This is an ideal place to stay a while, before heading off to see the exhibitions at the Musée des Beaux-Arts. Making a reservation several days in advance is recommended.

  • Le Klub, 18 quai Emile Zola, Rennes. Brunch every Sunday from noon to 3 p.m.. +33 (0) 2 99 79 52 75


Angau & Co is another destination for brunch prior to visiting the museum at the Frac Bretagne (Brittany Regional Fund for Contemporary Art) and experiencing the contemporary art exhibition. Enjoy Sunday brunch from noon to 3 p.m. (€18 per person, €12 for children), with an unlimited buffet of both hot and cold options. On the menu: an English-style brunch with scrambled eggs, bacon, charcuterie, mixed salads, smoked salmon and, for the sweet options, cereals, crepes, cakes, brioches and pastries accompanied by tea, coffee, hot chocolate or organic fruit juices.

  • Frac Bretagne restaurant, Sundays from noon to 3 p.m. (except for weekends when the Frac is closed for assembling and dismantling exhibitions). Call to make a reservation on: +33 (0) 2 30 96 21 09 

Brunch at the café des champs libres

At the Café des Champs Libres, brunch is served on Sunday from noon to 3 p.m. with a range of quality local produce in a variety of dishes from cheeses to fish (potted fish, baked haddock…) or baked egg with an unlimited buffet, Bordier butter, freshly made smoothies and a choice of desserts. Once a month, there is also a musical brunch. A good spot with a very pleasant terrace before heading off to enjoying the exhibitions during a visit to the Champs Libres centre. A playful way to stretch out Sunday is with the palets disc game and mölkky or pétanque. Brunch price: €22 (€12 for children).

  • Café des Champs Libres, 10 cours des Alliés (to the right of the Champs Libres centre at the top of the stairs). +33 (0) 2 99 38 50 50

For a brunch that is 100% breton…

Oeuf la crêperie

Brunch in a breton creperie
© Destination Rennes – Julien Mignot

Next stop is a new creperie on the rue de Saint-Malo to taste a Breton version of brunch created by combining Anglo-Saxon tradition with local specialties. At Œuf (an acronym of “On est une famille” – We are a family), the brunch consists in particular of a crepe cake that changes weekly, mini galettes-saucisses (crepe-wrapped pork sausages) and seasonal produce sourced from local producers with an unlimited buffet for hearty appetites. Served from 11.30 a.m. to 3 p.m., brunch is €21 per person (€10 for children).

For an exceptional brunch

The hôtel balthazar restaurant

The hôtel balthazar restaurant
Brunch at the hôtel Balthazar restaurant © Destination Rennes / Stéphanie Priou

For a five-star brunch, head to the Hôtel Balthazar restaurant for an outstanding brunch to share as a family meal or with a partner on a weekend stay at a hotel. Naturally, everything is freshly prepared in their kitchen including mouth-watering pastries and amuse-bouches. The eggs benedict alone are worth the visit. The savoury options are created by the restaurant’s chef right in front of you with skillet-cooked meats and fish. A bespoke brunch from 12.15 p.m. to 3 p.m., which can be served on the patio in summer. The hotel also has a spa + brunch offer for a top-class experience in one of the city’s most beautiful addresses. Making a reservation well in advance is recommended (at least 10-15 days beforehand). Brunch price: €45 euros per person (€22.50 for children up to 12 years old).

For a french brunch

Bistrot l’arrivée, next to the station

Brunch at the bistrot l'Arrivée
© Glenn Vigouroux

At the l’Arrivée bistro, a French-style brunch awaits every Sunday just in front of the station. It has a relaxed, homely atmosphere with a novel decor full of vintage objects. The brunch menu includes an unlimited buffet of cheese and charcuterie and home-made desserts. The difference: you set the price yourself according to your appetite and what you can eat so whether you are a big eater or not, the price varies from €20 to €30. A relaxed welcome is guaranteed mere moments after you step off the train.

  • L’Arrivée, 35 Boulevard de Beaumont. +33 (0) 2 99 30 06 48 

For a terrace brunch on the mail

A terrace brunch on the mail
© Destination Rennes / Julien Mignot

Les grands gamins

This is one of the trendiest addresses for enjoying a brunch on the terrace on the mail François Mitterrand: les Grands Gamins. The brunch changes every month depending on the availability of seasonal products and includes two sweet and savoury dishes with a fresh fruit juice and hot drink of your choice for €19.90. Served on Saturday and Sunday, it is the ultimate convivial get-together with plenty of games (mölkky, palets, giant chess and board games) and space for children to run around while their parents enjoy themselves. The excellent local produce and great atmosphere on the side of the city’s new coolest thoroughfare makes it a favourite weekend brunch spot for Rennes locals. The icing on the cake is that you can also charge your smartphone using the batteries available to customers and take shelter under a marquee should it start to rain. Even so, we recommend you reserve well in advance, particularly for Sundays. 

  • Les Grands Gamins, 40 mail François Mitterrand. Brunch on Saturday and Sunday from 11.30 a.m. to 2 p.m.. +33 (0) 2 23 25 89 11 

Oh my biche

Les Grands Gamins’ neighbour is Oh My Biche, which also treats its customers to brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.. So, you could spend the weekend solely at one brunch after another by choosing one of these two establishments at random. The brunch on offer at this new Rennes coffee shop is highly original. We found certain ingredients that are key to their success, such as the mini grilled cheese, and also plenty other good things on a menu that changes monthly: sweet or savoury pancakes, muesli, French toast or breakfast plate, toast and other specialties that you won’t find elsewhere, such as shakshouka (€8), a North African culinary specialty that combines poached egg, onions, vegetables, feta and spices, and many more. Just talking about it is enough to make your mouth water. The breakfast plate starts from €13, to which you can add toast, waffles and pancakes. The venue is small but the terrace is welcoming and a second Oh My Biche will be opening near to the place du Colombier, which will make foodies even happier. 

  • Oh My Biche, 18 mail François Mitterrand. +33 (0) 9 82 28 66 36

For brunch with the girls

La kitchenette

Brunch at the Kitchenette
© La Kitchenette

La Kitchenette cannot be missed off any list of unmissable brunch spots. Undoubtedly the “girliest” brunch, in a good way, it is made from fresh, organic and local products and has two services on Sunday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.. The brunch menu offers a sweet and a savoury dish at €21.90, including unlimited tea or coffee, a cold drink, specialty breads, jams, home-made cereals and fromage blanc. This is somewhere you can pass the time pleasantly, especially on the little terrace, in a gourmet area of the city, right next to the Criée, the central market lined with the best delicatessen-caterers in the city. It’s the perfect starting point before having a gentle stroll around the city to settle your meal.

For brunch every day in a quirky hotel : magic hall

Brunch - Magic hall - Rennes

Magic Hall is a “spectacular” and original hotel that also offers bottomless brunch every day from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.. On the menu are excellent organic products (fruit juices and fresh fruits), dairy products and home-made pastries, charcuterie, cheese, scrambled eggs, salad and specialties that change every week. Needless to say, everything is served with hot drinks (tea, coffee or hot chocolate) for €21 per person. Reservations are a must for this brunch, which comes served in a cosy and comfortable large, open-plan salon / kitchen. 

  • Magic hall, 17 rue de la quintaine +33 (0) 2 99 66 21 83 

For a retro brunch

Les fils à maman

Brunchs at the Fils à Maman in Rennes

Les Fils à Maman Rennes offers a 100% retro à la carte brunch every Sunday from noon to 3 p.m.. Experience Back to the Future with friends or family at this restaurant, which is packed with references from the 1980s. Start with a bowl of Kellogg’s or pastries and Nutella (with a bit of luck you’ll get to share the pot!). Next up is a well-stacked brunch plate with a club sandwich, a burger, a salad or even a steak! At the end of the meal, just try and resist the banana and Nutella pancakes, a slice of cheesecake or fromage blanc, muesli and fresh fruit. The ‘super’ menu is €24 (€30 with bubbly and €11 for children). 


Another retro brunch that is not to be missed on the first Sunday of the month is in the O’Rétroviseur bar. From 11.30 a.m. to 4 p.m., people come to try the savoury dishes, the fish and the charcuterie or to full up on the sweet buffet. The price ranges from €10 for the savoury menu to €17 including the sweet menu and/or drinks. An amusing token system is used and if you come in your pyjamas, you can have an additional token to enhance your brunch experience. There is a relaxed atmosphere including cartoons projected on the big screen to transport you from this pleasant bar in Rennes back to your childhood. Make sure that you make a reservation well before the weekend.

For brunch, even on a saturday

Café albertine

Brunch at the Café Albertine
Brunch at the Café Albertine

Café Albertine brunches on Saturday, not Sunday, making it an interesting alternative to the traditional Sunday brunch. Get together at this beautiful location in Rennes from 11.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m.: in addition to savoury dishes, fresh and summery mixed salads, charcuterie and classic options based on eggs and good-quality local produce (Balé cheeses, Coat Albret cider or Skumenn Rennes beer), Albertine also offers vegetarian brunch options and a wide range of hot drinks, particularly a “traditional coffee” from an independent coffee roaster. It all comes at the reasonable price of €19.90.

Fox and friends pub

At the Fox and Friends, we appreciate the original version of brunch on Saturday from noon to 3 p.m.: depending on the season, this traditional Irish pub offers a proper full Irish breakfast (sausage, bacon, baked beans, hash browns, tomatoes, mushrooms, black pudding…), in a small (€9) or large version (€11) or even as a vegetarian option (with vegetarian steak, avocado, cereal…) and a hot drink for an extra €1. In winter, warm up with the winter soup and in summer, brunch takes on a lighter note with seasonal produce (melon, smoked ham, avocado, etc.). No reservations, first come, first served!

For lovers of bottomless brunch…

BDS (Bar Des Sports)

Brunch at the Bar des Sports
© Le BDS

For those with big appetites, one place in particular comes to mind: BDS (the Bar des Sports) was one of the first bar-restaurants to offer brunch in Rennes. For hungry sports fans who want to watch the game on the big screen, it is the best place in town, situated on the quays. It is close to the hotels in the centre, so you it’s only a short walk before you can take the weight off your feet on the comfortable couches.

White fields café in cesson-sévigné

Head to the White Fields Café, just outside the city, for a brunch smorgasbord: a buffet, unlimited sweet and savoury dishes and even pizzas, all in a huge room. If there’s a lot of you and you’re famished, look no further than White Fields in Cesson-Sévigné. Served from 11.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m., brunch at White Fields costs €24 per person (€11 for children under 10 years old).

  • White Fields Café, 137C avenue des Champs blancs, 35510 Cesson-Sévigné. +33 (0) 2 23 42 91 86 

Every address for brunch in rennes

  • Alaska brocante & Snack, 14 rue Dupont des Loges. Brunch (15€), saturday reservations : +33 (0) 290081277
  • ANGAU & CO, the Frac Bretagne restaurant, 19 avenue André Mussat. Brunch (€18), Sunday from noon to 3 p.m. (unless exhibitions are being assembled or dismantled). +33 (0) 2 30 96 21 09 
  • L’ARRIVÉE, 35 Boulevard de Beaumont. Brunch on Sundays (€20 to €30). +33 (0) 2 99 30 06 48
  • LE BALTHAZAR, 19 rue du Maréchal Joffre. Brunch (€45), Sundays from 12.15 p.m. to 3 p.m.. +33 (0) 2 99 32 76 14
  • LE BDS, 1 quai Lammenais. Brunch on Sunday afternoons (€22). +33 (0) 2 99 79 34 79
  • LES BRICOLES, 17 quai de la Prévalaye. Brunch Saturdays from noon (€20). +33 (0) 2 99 67 23 75
  • CAFÉ ALBERTINE, 10 rue Lanjuinais. Brunch on Saturdays from 11.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. (€19.90). +33 (0) 2 99 51 03 04
  • LE CAFÉ DES CHAMPS LIBRES, 10 cours des Alliés. Brunch on Sundays from noon to 3 p.m. (€22). +33 (0) 2 99 38 50 50
  • Bistrot cocagne, 12 rue des Dames, Brunch on sunday from 11.30 a.m. to 3 p.m (from 6,50€). 0223446282
  • FOX AND FRIENDS, 13 rue de la Monnaie. Brunch on Saturdays from noon to 3 p.m. (from €9). +33 (0) 2 56 51 73 89
  • HOLEN, 2 rue des Carmes. Brunch on Sundays from 11.30 a.m. to 3 p.m.. +33 (0) 2 99 79 28 95
  • LES FILS À MAMAN, 11 rue du Champ Jacquet. Brunch (from €24) on Sundays from noon to 3 p.m.. +33 (0) 2 23 30 88 03
  • LE GOURMET EN VILLE, 10, rue du Maréchal Joffre. Brunch on Sundays from 11.30 a.m. to 1.30 p.m. (€24). +33 (0) 9 83 48 88 77
  • LES GRANDS GAMINS, 40 mail François Mitterrand. Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 11.30 a.m. to 2 p.m. (€19.90). +33 (0) 2 23 25 89 11
  • HÔTEL LE MAGIC HALL, 17 rue de la Quintaine. Every day from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., all-you-can-eat brunch (€21). +33 (0) 2 99 66 21 83
  • HÔTEL MERCURE RENNES CENTRE PARLEMENT, 1 rue Paul Louis Courier. Brunch on Sundays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. (€22). +33 (0) 2 99 78 82 20
  • IT’S FIVE O’CLOCK SOMEWHERE, 12 rue Saint-Melaine. Brunch on Sundays from noon to 5 p.m. (€18 with drinks). +33 (0) 2 99 87 14 79
  • LE KLUB, 18 quai Emile Zola, Rennes. Brunch on Sundays from noon to 3 p.m. (from €14). +33 (0) 2 99 79 52 75
  • O’CONNELL’S PUB, 7 Place du Parlement de Bretagne. Brunch every day (€10). +33 (0) 2 99 79 38 76
  • OEUF LA CRÊPERIE, 38 rue de Saint-Malo. Brunch on Sundays from 11.30 a.m. to 3 p.m. (€21). +33 (0) 9 82 47 72 25
  • OH MY BICHE, 18 mail François Mitterrand. Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. (from €13). +33 (0) 9 82 28 66 36
  • O’RÉTROVISEUR, 19 rue Poullain Duparc. Brunch on the first Sunday of the month from 11.30 a.m. to 4 p.m. (from €10). +33 (0) 2 99 79 99 01
  • O THÉ GOURMAND, 41 rue Vasselot. Brunch available Tuesday-Sunday at €15. +33 (0) 2 99 79 73 37
  • LE ROYAL, 3 Place du Calvaire. Brunch on Sundays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. (€21). +33 (0) 2 99 79 59 38
  • WHITE FIELDS CAFÉ, 137C avenue des Champs blancs, 35510 Cesson-Sévigné. Brunch on Sundays from 11.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. (€24). +33 (0) 2 23 42 91 86
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