Romantic walk in the Thabor Park

Romantic weekend

5 ideas for a romantic break in Rennes

It’s the season for lovers and a getaway for two, so what better than a romantic weekend in the Breton capital? A city break that your other half won’t forget in a hurry!

1. Explore the city by horse-drawn carriage

Fouette Cocher

Wander the city, explore the backstreets, hand in hand, relishing the slow pace of the weekend… Rennes city centre is brimming with places to see: the Parlement de Bretagne, museums, boutiques in the city’s shopping streets. So this weekend, why not put the cart before the horse? Or rather the carriage. Explore the city in the most romantic way possible: to the gentle tapping of horses hooves on the cobbled streets.

2. Unwind in a spa

The spa of the Saint-Antoine hotel in Rennes
The spa of the Saint-Antoine hotel in Rennes © Le Saint-Antoine

Pamper yourself, sink into a jacuzzi, enjoy a massage, relax in a sauna or Turkish bath. This is the secret to a successful romantic weekend. Relaxing both the mind and body, releasing all the stress that has built up over the week, is key to achieving complete serenity. Simply zone out.

Rennes boasts a number of spas, including at the Balthazar hotel, just a stone’s throw from the city centre and the train station, which is certain to leave your other half with five stars in their eyes.

3. Live like a king

The Apigné castle near Rennes
The Apigné castle near Rennes

Romance and castles go hand in hand and a night in a castle is a must for Prince charming and his princess. Choose the five-star neo-Renaissance Château d’Apigné, for example, sitting majestically on a 25-hectare estate just three kilometres from Rennes and 10 minutes from the airport. To complete your dream night in a castle, dine in the Château’s gourmet “Les Tourelles” restaurant offering lunches and dinners.

4. Dine in a romantic restaurant

The restaurant La Réserve
© Destination Rennes / Bruno Mazodier

If you prefer to enjoy a romantic meal for two in the city’s old town, then you’ll be spoilt for choice. Here are just a few suggestions: The Baron Rouge in the beautiful Rue du Chapître with its half-timbered houses. This pedestrianised zone has the perfect atmosphere in which to declare your love before a midnight stroll to truly savour the moment. Place des Lices, Le Carré and its intimate terrace offers a charming setting for a romantic meal. Rue de la Visitation, La Réserve is an excellent restaurant for a pair of gourmets, just a short walk from the Parlement de Bretagne and Place Hoche. If you’re looking to spice things up then head for Le Pays des Mille et Une Nuits on Rue Vasselot where you’ll be treated to its Aladdin-themed oriental specialities. Finally, La Saint-Georges, marrying Breton cuisine with contemporary decor, offers a pair of restaurants: one on Rue du Chapître and another on Rue Jules Simon.

5. Go gallivanting after hours

Palais du Commerce
© Michel Ogier

You won’t have a hard job finding a good bar in Rennes. If you’re looking for a brasserie, the chic and cosy Café de la Paix is set in an ideal location for a date, just at the foot of the Palais du Commerce and a few steps from the République metro station. Enjoy a meal or a simple drink in what is reputed to be one of the oldest establishments in the city. For a more lively evening, head for the Prison Saint-Michel’s secret courtyard where you’ll find a champagne bar, a bar, restaurant and a night club… it’s up to you!

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