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Welcome to the tourisme-rennes.com website (hereinafter the 'Website') which provides information and presents tourist services in the Rennes Metropolitan District.

In accordance with the provisions of Law no. 2004-574 of 21 June 2004, as amended notably by Laws no. 2011-525 of 17 May 2011, no. 2013-1168 of 18 December 2013 and no. 2014-873 of 4 August 2014, Users of the tourisme-rennes.com website are provided with the following legal information.

The tourisme-rennes.com website can be accessed using the following address: www.tourisme-rennes.com (hereinafter the 'Website'). Access and use of the Website are subject to the 'Legal Information' set out hereafter, as well as the applicable laws and/or regulations. By logging in, using and accessing the Website, Users indicate their full and unreserved acceptance of all provisions of this Legal Information. Users are informed that they are bound by these provisions.

Definitions :

Capitalised words or expressions in the Legal Information are defined as follows:
• Website: www.tourisme-rennes.com;
• The Publisher: the company DESTINATION RENNES ;
• The Metropolitan District: the Rennes Metropolitan District, itself defined as the urban community comprising the city of Rennes and the community's 42 other municipalities;
• User: any individual using the www.tourisme-rennes.com website or any of the services offered on it;
• Personal Space: Users' personal space that is accessible to them after they have set up an account;
• User Name: an e-mail address required by Users to log into the Website in order to access their accounts;
• Password: a sequence of characters that Users must keep secret and which, along with their user name, enables them to log into their accounts;
• Service: service(s) offered on the www.tourisme-rennes.com website;
• Cookie(s): an item used solely to record information regarding the way Users browse the www.tourisme-rennes.com website.
• CNIL: Commission nationale informatique et Libertés (French data protection authority).

Legal Information :

The Website is published by DESTINATION RENNES, a limited company with a board of directors and registered capital of €120,000, Rennes companies register no. 797 819 034.

Destination Rennes is a local tourist board authorised by Prefectoral Order of 21 October 2005 as no. 035.05.0003.

Hereinafter 'the Publisher':
• Intra-community VAT no.: FR 59797819034
• Headquarters: 6 rue d’Echange, Rennes (35000) (FRANCE)
• Postal address: 11 rue Saint-Yves, 3500 RENNES (FRANCE)
• Publication manager: Jean-François KERROC’H
• E-mail address: infos@tourisme-rennes.com
• Telephone: +33 (0)2 99 67 11 11
• Fax: +33 (0)2 99 67 11 10

Website host: LE HUB, a limited liability company with capital of €10, 000, Paris companies register no. 493 892 202.

• Conception fonctionnelle et technique :  LE HUB agence
• Functional and technical design: LE HUB agence
• Ergonomic and graphic design: Damien Behar
• Headquarters: 14 rue Crespin du Gast, Paris (75011) (FRANCE).


Ci-après désigné « l’Hébergeur »


The Website can be accessed free-of-charge by any User with an Internet connection.

Website Users are liable for their computer equipment and Internet connection.  Users are liable for all costs incurred when accessing the Website.

The Publisher shall take all necessary steps to ensure that the Website is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but cannot be held liable for any problem or fault in the Website that may prevent any access to the Website and/or the various services offered by 'tourisme-rennes.com'. The Publisher shall do everything in his power to resolve any problems as quickly as possible.

The Publisher reserves the right to upgrade, modify or suspend the Service, without giving prior notice, on the grounds of maintenance or any other reason deemed necessary. In this case, an information page shall be displayed for Users indicating that the Service is unavailable. No compensation may be claimed as a result of the Service being unavailable.

Cookies :

Users should note that when visiting the website, a Cookie may be installed automatically on their web browser. Users may deactivate these Cookies at any time by selecting the appropriate settings in their browser. However, if these Cookies are deactivated, access to certain website functionalities that allow Users to customise the services offered by tourisme-rennes.com will be blocked.

When Users browse the Website, partner Cookies may also be installed on Users' computers. The purpose of these Cookies is to collect browsing data in order to customise services offered to Users outside the Website. Within the scope of this type of partnership, tourisme-rennes.com may provide partners with data viewed by Users when browsing the Website. Users may reject these Cookies at any time by selecting the appropriate settings in their browser. However, if these Cookies are rejected, this may prevent access to certain functionalities offered by tourisme-rennes.com partners.

Processing of personal data:

Tourisme-rennes.com collects personal data relating to visitors viewing the www.tourisme-rennes.com website, notably by using cookies in accordance with the legislation in force. Data is collected in this way when:
• customers are browsing the website and viewing articles;
• customers set up an account;
• customers sign up for newsletters offered by tourisme-rennes.com;
• customers use the tourisme-rennes.com contact form.

Data is collected for use by tourisme-rennes.com. It allows tourisme-rennes.com to provide Users with customised services and increase the relevance of information supplied to them. It is also required for processing and managing Users' orders and for commercial relations between tourisme-rennes.com and Users.

Tourisme-rennes.com undertakes to take all necessary steps to guarantee the security and confidentiality of information provided by Users. The Service has access to IT resources allowing information to be distributed and data to be accessed more easily. Any recorded information shall be used only by the relevant department and shall not be transferred without the User's consent.

In accordance with Article 39 et seq. of Data Protection Act no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, relative to information technology, files and civil liberties, Users are informed that they are entitled to access personal data and, where appropriate, have it corrected or deleted:
• by writing to the postal address: DESTINATION RENNES - Office de Tourisme et des Congrès de Rennes Métropole, 11, rue Saint-Yves - CS 26410 -35064 RENNES CEDEX, France
• by e-mailing: infos@tourisme-rennes.com.

A declaration must be filed with the CNIL for any automated processing of personal data derived from the Service.

Users retain control over all the information they provide. They may amend or delete this information at any time. They may decide to delete all information in their account by deleting their 'tourisme-rennes.com' account.
Only information enabling a response to any disputes and data required for the statistical purposes of the service shall be kept.
Tourisme-rennes.com undertakes to take all necessary precautions to protect the security of data collected from Users and notably to prevent it from becoming distorted, damaged or accessible to unauthorised third parties.
Users are liable for the data they provide to partners' online services even if this is provided using technical means made available in the Service.


This website and its components constitute works protected by French legislation and international agreements on copyright and intellectual property. Reproduction of all or part of this website on electronic or paper media (including downloadable documents) is formally prohibited unless expressly permitted by the publication manager. The author and source's name must be credited in the event of any authorised reproduction. Photography credits are displayed as inlay text for images on the website.