Discovery rally of Rennes

11, rue Saint-Yves
35000 RENNES

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Destination Rennes Groupes Adultes

Discovery rally of Rennes

Are you looking for a more exciting way to explore Rennes, a city tour that will get your pulse racing? Form yourselves into teams and gear up for an enthralling treasure hunt through Rennes’ fascinating history. The city will become your playground as you discover some of its more unusual, surprising secrets. A spot of clever, strategic thinking and you’ll be able to complete the tricky challenges along the way. One of the many stages on the discovery trail requires no effort on your part – you’ll merely need to prepare your taste buds to savour the Parlementin, a traditional Rennes pastry made with almonds, apples and cider that will give your team of explorers an energy boost and a thirst for more adventure!

Prices :

  • : Starting at 15 €