Visit of the Parliament of Brittany

rue de Brilhac
35000 Rennes

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Visit of the Parliament of Brittany

Although the Parlement of Brittany building may seem like a solid part of the city’s history that has survived the ages untroubled, in reality it might never have been able to open its doors to visitors today. The building has certainly had an eventful past. Designed by Salomon de Brosse, it was spared in the great fire of 1720, only to be partly burnt down in 1994. Extensive restoration and renovation work have since given a new lease of life to the historical building, which houses several fine examples of 17th-century French pictorial art. One night was luckily not enough to destroy a century of building work! Inside, the Parlement building boasts prestigious French-style ceilings, sculpted gilded wood panelling and allegorical paintings, culminating in the magnificent Grand’Chambre, or main chamber. Please note: prior to each tour, a film about the fire and the work to restore the building is shown at the tourist information centre.