The Ecomuseum of Rennes

Route de Châtillon-sur-Seiche
Ferme de la Bintinais
35000 RENNES

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Destination Rennes Groupes Adultes

The Ecomuseum of Rennes

A farm in the middle of the city? The former Bintinais farm, now an ecomuseum, is full of surprises. Travel back in time and find out about the history and traditions of the Rennes area. The originality of the ecomuseum lies in the fact that it uses the story of a farm to retrace five centuries of day-to-day life for men and women in the 40 villages and communities that make up the Rennes area today. Discover the area’s local heritage and history as you explore the farm, with its farmhouse, cellar, fields, preservation orchard and a herd of 19 hardy breeds.

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  • : Starting at 135 €