Bécherel, la cité du livre en Bretagne

35190 Bécherel

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Bécherel, la cité du livre en Bretagne

Thumb through books while admiring Bécherel’s heritage. Book lovers, collectors and art enthusiasts are all drawn to this Small Town of Character, perched high on a hilltop.

Just 30 kilometres north of Rennes, Bécherel is home to no fewer than 15 bookshops and 6 artists’ studios. Antique dealers, gallery owners, sculptors, painters and bookbinders have given a new lease of life to the town’s old district, which was a major centre for textile production in Brittany from the 16th to the 18th century. Bécherel was also once a fortified town, its many historical remains testifying to its turbulent past. Accompanied by an expert tour guide, stroll through the narrow streets while admiring a variety of traditional architecture. Optional: grounds of the Château de Caradeuc, Brittany’s answer to Versailles (late 19th century)

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