L’enquête Jégado, sur la piste de l’empoisonneuse

11 rue Saint-Yves
35000 Rennes

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L’enquête Jégado, sur la piste de l’empoisonneuse

Don’t be lulled by the kind words and sweet nature of Hélène Jégado this cold-blooded killer didn’t even spare her own mother. You have been warned!

Armed with your handy detective notebook and magnifying glass, travel back in time to 1851 on the trail of Brittany’s famous serial killer, Hélène Jegado. The merciless felon who clocked up no fewer than 60 crimes invites you to follow her to the old wooden inn where she perpetrated her evil acts, then to the mansion where she was eventually arrested. Keep your eyes peeled! On every street corner you will find clues, evidence and encrypted messages to lead you to the dénouement of this fatally true story.

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