Parc de Bréquigny

Rue d'Angleterre
35000 Rennes

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Parc de Bréquigny


Parc de Bréquigny

This park lies on the site of the former Château de Bréquigny, which belonged to the Count of Boberil. It was designed by the Parks and Gardens Department of Rennes City Council and from the outset was a place for relaxation, walking and leisure activities. To preserve the site’s original character, old wooded areas, maples, hornbeams and centuries-old oaks have been kept and stand alongside chestnut trees, birches, cherry trees and redwoods. Walkers can contemplate these botanical riches as they stroll along the wide sandy alleys that criss-cross the grassy hills. The garden also features a contemporary work of art designed by Ghada Amer that acts as a support for climbing rose bushes.

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