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Oberthür park

82 rue de Paris
35000 Rennes

02 23 62 19 40

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Parc Oberthür


Oberthür park

In the heart of the city, the Oberthür Park, named after its founder, François-Charles Oberthür, was designed by the famous landscape architect Denis Bühler, who also designed the Thabor, located in the same district. Created in 1863-1864, the park, initially reserved for the exclusive use of the Oberthür family, became the property of the city of Rennes in 1960 and has been open to the public since 1977.

Paths, a lake with landscaped banks, architectural elements, a rest area, accessible lawns and groves of trees combine harmoniously to make this a remarkable place for walking.
The Oberthür Park is of great botanical interest.

Practical information:

  • Opening hours: Summer: daily from 8am to 8pm | Winter: daily from 8am to 6pm
  • Entrances to the park: 82 rue de Paris, Square Roland Garros, Boulevard Jeanne d’Arc, Rue René Marcille.
  • Facilities: WC, picnic area, children’s games, kiosk, water point
  • Access by bus: line C3, Oberthür stop | STAR, le vélo: station, bicycle: Oberthür (1 Rue Gutenberg) | by car: on-street parking nearby
  • Other information: Alcohol not allowed, dogs not allowed, ball games not allowed, bicycles not allowed unless held by hand, lawns allowed.