Le vélo star à Rennes

Rennes by bike

Déplacez vous à deux roues

Practical information about getting around Rennes by bike. Rent a bike or use the Vélo STAR service


A 24/7 service

Vélo STAR Rennes is a service provided by Rennes Metropolitan District offering a more inspiring way of getting round Rennes and its outskirts. Around 900 bikes available 24/7 from 83 stations. The service is easy to use. Just borrow a Vélo STAR bike from your chosen station and drop it off at any other station, following the instructions on the information terminal.

Coordinate with the bus and metro network

You can switch from bus, metro, train or coach to bike with the greatest of ease using your Korrigo card.
Vélo STAR stations are adjacent to metro, bus (STAR), train (regional express train) and coach (Illenoo) stations.
Download the Vélo STAR Rennes map for all the station locations. 

How to sign up for the service

Different subscription packages are available (1 year, 7 days and even 24 hours) and the first half-hour’s use is free. Complete the online form or drop into the Vélo STAR shop (8 rue Maréchal Joffre – Rennes – République metro station – open 12 am to 7 pm Monday to Saturday).
Alternatively, you can go to one of 10 Vélo STAR stations equipped with a bank card reader located at: République, Town Hall, Sainte-Anne, Railway Station-Boulevard Solférino, Champs Libres, Dalle du Colombier, Tourist Information Centre, Villejean-Université, Henri Fréville and Railway Station-Boulevard de Beaumont.
For more information, visit the Vélo STAR website or call 0969365007 (non surcharged call).

Vélo STAR on your smartphone

Renting a bike in Rennes

Bike rental

You can also enjoy Rennes at your leisure by renting a bike. Below are several services that allow you to choose a suitable model for as long as you require:

  • Cycles Guédard – 13 boulevard Beaumont (Gare) – Tel. 0299304378 – website
  • L’échoppe du deux roues – 16 rue Saint-Louis (Place des Lices) – Tel. 0223463001 – website

Parking your bike

The Vélo PARK transport service for Rennes and its outskirts allows you to park your bike in a secure bike park. 7 bike parks: Clos Courtel, J.F. Kennedy, Haut Sancé, Henri Fréville, La Poterie, Villejean-Université and Les Préales. You can view the map of secure bike parks online.
CITEDIA offers other secure, enclosed bike parks: Chézy-Dinan, Kléber, Railway Station North Exit, Railway Station South Exit, Arsenal and Colombier.

Bicycle taxi

Enjoy the ride while getting from A to B

With the Happymoov bicycle taxi service. You can use it to travel anywhere in the city centre.

To book:

  • Tél. 0604463792
  • Or go to the Place de la Mairie or Place de la République
  • More information available at www.happymoov.com